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Why You Should Use a Polycheck Plastic Lorry Seal to Secure your Logistics Fleet

Polycheck lorry seal

Benefits for using the PolyCheck Plastic Trailer seal to secure your logistics fleet

Our security seals are widely used throughout the distribution and logistics industry. In the multimodal shipping industry and securing air-side transport in airports. In this post, we identify the benefits to using a fixed length plastic seal instead of a pullup seal to secure your trailer fleets.

  1. Made in the UK

    The Polycheck is made in the UK and is one of TydenBrooks’ best selling products for over 30 years. Recently we upgraded the manufacturing process to an automated production line, which includes laser markings which improves mark quality and increased level of security. TydenBrooks is one of the only Security Seal manufacturers who manufacture in-house at their UK production plant.

  2. High Tolerance

    During transit, deviations in the road or, debris on the road surface can cause trailer doors to naturally move. When using a pull-up seal that is pulled tight on the door hatch, the movement can weaken the seal and eventually it can break off. On the other hand, if a pull-up seal is applied too loose, the seal can be broken and resealed without clear evidence of tampering.

    With the Polycheck, this forms a ring when applied to the hatch which has the tolerance in the seal to allow for movements during transit. Integrity of your supply chain is maintained with the Polycheck.

  3. Easy-to-use

    As an alternative to «cutting» each Polycheck has an integral break point for easy, authorised removal. It makes a positive ‘snap’ noise when secured. The lock is designed with protruding locking points as an additional feature to verify the Polycheck is locked correctly and in position. This feature can be used to identify if any attempted attack on the seal itself has occurred.

  4. Laser Markings

    By changing our marking process from thermal printing to automatic laser machines, our annual production of the Polycheck will increase production capacity by 45%. Laser Machines are more robust and therefore downtimes of the machines have been greatly reduced. Laser Markings add another level of security to your supply chain because they are permanently etched onto the surface of the seal. The markings cannot be rubbed or scratched off the seal surface. You can even add a barcode to further enhance the security.

  5. Tamper Evident

    Once broken the seal cannot be resealed and re-used.

TydenBrooks has an extensive range of single use tamper evident, barrier security seals. As a company TydenBrooks has always been at the cutting edge of security seal innovation and technology. Which extends back to 1873, when our ancestors first innovated their manufacturing from lead toy seals, to the world’s first transport security seal.
Our security seals are now widely used in the multimodal shipping industry, securing air-side transport in airports and throughout the distribution and logistics industry.
If you are interested in learning more about how our polycheck can improve your supply chain management, get in touch for a free sleeve of samples and a no-obligation consultation.