Tamper Evident Security Technology for Closed Loop Solutions

Tamper Evident Security technology involves the deliberate altering or adulteration of information, a product, a package, or system. Tamper Evident Security Solutions may involve all phases of product production, distribution, logistics, sale, and use. No single solution can be considered as «tamper proof». Often multiple levels of security need to be addressed to reduce the risk of tampering is the application of an uncompromising process of storing and moving sensitive or valuable items.

For example, if you needed to send cash or important documents throughout your organisation or by using third party couriers and you needed to be assured that nobody has disturbed the items, Reusable Tamper Evident Carriers and Seals allow you to do this with peace of mind. It is an unbroken chain of custody when managing the more sensitive requirements of your business.

What is a Tamper Evident TydenPak?

The TydenPak by TydenBrooks, is a tamper evident reusable security bag. The TydenPak has the leading-edge in the closed-looped movement of items. The TydenPak is a re-usable security bag designed to replace single use bags or security envelopes. Manufactured from high grade PVC and featuring internal stitching, reverse zippers and an information window for personalization, the bags themselves are on the leading edge.

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When looking for a TydenBrooks tamper evident TydenPak, you will need to choose what type of bag you require before you can buy your TydenBrooks  solution. This unique feature is used in parallel with the TydenBrooks TydenClip Security Seal, and ensures that the contents cannot be accessed or disturbed without your knowledge.

Choose the TynBrooks worldwide patented TydenClip Security Seal and tamper evident, security locking chamber when choosing your Secure Document Wallet or Cash Bags. This is the best way to ensure your items are sealed and cannot be covertly accessed as the zip puller is ultimately locked into position and cannot be removed without breaking. Once sealed the Tydenpak is now tamper evident and your receiving party can be assured that the sensitive items you had sent are untouched.

The TydenBrooks 8 Chamber

The TydenClip Chamber features tamper-evident breakout points, which means any effort to tamper with the chamber will result in clear evidence that can be easily seen and recognized as theft or tampered unauthorised entry.
In addition, the bags can be marked with a logo, barcode, QR code or similar identifying requirements. When used with our TydenClip seal we are providing you with a high level of tamper evident protection for the contents you are transporting securely.

What Is The TydenClip Security Seal?

All TydenPaks are fitted with our Tyden 8 Chamber to house our TydenClip. The TydenClips are supplied in either a numbered, logo’d or barcoded form. Selection is dependent upon the level of security required. As standard, the TydenClip comes with a 7-digit sequential number which can provide an audit trail if the number is recorded and tracked. Barcoding is made to order and has a minimum order quantity. Barcoding provides you with an automated high security track and trace system.

It is the TydenClip Chamber that truly makes the products innovative. They have a dual tamper evident system – exposing tampering not only to the bag but also the security clip and chamber. The chamber along with the seal are the most secure and technically advanced closed loop security solution within the market.

How Can I Use the TydenPak? Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Closing The TydenPak

Once the goods have been placed in the TydenPak, a TydenClip is fitted into the Tyden security chamber and the bag is sealed and secure. This can be done by pulling the zipper to close, using the chamber lid, place the chamber lid in the chamber housing.

2. Secure Zip in Locking Chamber

Insert the TydenClip security seal into the chamber and record the number. With the TydenPak sealed the bag is ready for transportation or storage. The TydenClip provides tamper evident protection of the contents within the TydenPak and provides a clear chain of custody for customer detailed records and log. Contents cannot be removed without breaking the numbered TydenClip.

3. Opening the TydenPak

Used in the conventional way, break the seal, pull up the bag cap chamber, which will display two broken pieces of the seal arm inside the chamber, preventing the seal from being glued back together.

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