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The pandemic has presented us all with many new challenges that we were not prepared for. For some organisations this has had a dramatic impact on their business operations. We wanted to inform you that since the beginning of the lockdown restrictions started in the UK, TydenBrooks had initiated a plan that would enable us to continue to operate as a business with a reduced onsite workforce and applying social distancing measures around the premises. If your security product supplier has been affected by the lockdown restrictions, and have been left short of security seals, we are here for you.

Automated Production

We have continued to manufacture over 75 million security seals and maintain a fully stocked warehouse to ensure we could supply new customers with security emergencies as well as our global customer demands. Our automated production lines meant we were able to continue to make security seals, while maintaining social distancing procedures throughout the lock down. We anticipate that as restrictions are lifted, demand for our products will continue to increase, as restrictions are lifted within the retail sectors as well as borders now opening within the EU. We understand some of you will be resuming flights both domestic and international flights from 1st June from the UK to many European destinations. This is great news and we welcome this opportunity to extend our services to you if you have not ordered security products from us before.

We are already supplying Europe’s largest low-cost airlines, Ryanair & EasyJet with our highly tamper evident and re-usable Hawk Lock and Hawk Seal. Both products combine into one unique security solution for securing airline duty free carts and catering trolleys. The Hawk Lock and Seal are manufactured in the UK and can be personalised with multiple colour options and laser markings to match your airline brand.

For the airlines who are resuming flights in June; to help with ensuring passengers that the planes they are boarding have been cleaned and disinfected. We can supply you with tamper evident security labels to stick onto the aircraft doors. Add a custom print message such as ‘Cleaned’ with a serial number, will provide you with an accurate log of which planes have been cleaned.

We have a full suite of tamper evident, security products that have been designed for use in the airline industry. For Airline Catering Carts and Duty Free Carts you can use the UK Manufactured Swan Seal, a one-piece unique airline security padlock seal. For the Catering Boxes our Secure Pull 2.0, an indicative plastic security seal, provides a strong pull-up seal with tear-off that can easily be removed by the cabin crew during flights. We also manufacturer reusable thermally insulated security bags for storing hot and cold food in transit to the aircraft. Our thermal bags are made with a tamper evident locking chamber that uses our Tydenclips to secure the zip and prevent unauthorised access to the contents. The bags can be personalised with your company logo. You can find more of these on our website:

We have successfully maintained our excellent customer services and prompt delivery schedules while working remotely and social distancing. All of our team are keeping their hands clean and the workplace clean and tidy. If you need security seals urgently, or a pending contractual change, please contact Spencer Davis at TydenBrooks. Spencer’s vast knowledge and decades of experience in the airline industry means not only are you getting a high-quality security solution from TydenBrooks but, you will receive a dedicated security consultant who will work with you to ensure you receive an efficient closed-loop solution, increased levels of asset protection and multi layered security, unrivalled in the ever increasing demand of the airline industry.

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