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TydenBrooks Reduces Delivery Lead Times in Iberia


TydenBrooks Reduces Delivery Lead Times in Iberia

Rochester, Kent. United Kingdom (December 04, 2020) – TydenBrooks Security Products Europe today announced it has reduced its delivery lead times by 30%, thanks to its new partnership with GlobalPost, to work together in supplying freight & Logistics companies in Europe with tamper evident security seals and other products. This will help bring TydenBrooks in a position to attract more customers, increase its markets share and to ensure TydenBrooks is the company that customers turn to for high quality security seals.

TydenBrooks Security Products EMEA is proud and very excited to announce brand new partnership with GlobalPost

TydenBrooks is known in the security seal industry for being the oldest and largest manufacturer of security seals in the world. Tydenbrooks manufactures the SecureGrip, SecurePull, SecureTite and many other products in the UK on automated production lines. Through the pandemic we have upgraded our manufacturing capacity to increase our manufacturing capabilities within Europe. “We are very excited to work with GlobalPost”, said Charles Seymour, CEO, Tydenbrooks SPG. “Teaming up with GlobalPost to supply security seals to provide customers with our products is an exciting development for our company.

“TydenBrooks is a great partner, this partnership reflects our desire to collaborate with companies that share our vision of being the number 1 security seal manufacturer in Europe.” Said Lionel Angrill Business Owner, GlobalPost and his Managing Director. GlobalPost is known for its high level of quality of service and its strong distribution network supplying security products to European countries, including Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The TydenBrooks partnership with GlobalPost will provide a sales and customer service department specialised in security seals for customers in Iberia. The warehouse has sufficient stocks for very short-term deliveries, offering the complete and original Brooks security seal range to supply Europe.

TydenBrooks has honourably serviced both our customers and suppliers for over 150 years. If this kind of reliability is important to you in buying tamper evident security seals, then please contact GlobalPost.

About TydenBrooks Security Products EMEA

Founded in 1873, E. J. Brooks (TydenBrooks) is the original manufacturer of tamper evident security seals. Its security seal range is well known for high quality and tamper evidence. The company’s mission is to become the number 1 security seal manufacturer and supplier in EMEA. TydenBrooks currently serves over 2,000 globally and employs over 250 people in Atlanta, Georgia. It has won numerous awards for its security seals. For more information about TydenBrooks, visit its website at

About GlobalPost 

Founded in 2005, GlobalPost is Spain’s most popular distributor of security seals, security bags, security tapes and more. GlobalPost currently employs 10 people in Barcelona. For more information about GlobalPost, visit its website at:

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TydenBrooks Security Products EMEA

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