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TydenBrooks Europe Ltd: Europe’s Top Security Products

TydenBrooks can protect your merchandise with high-quality tamper-evident security seals to all markets in Spain, Portugal and the Mediterranean.


Kent, UK, 5 April 2022— TydenBrooks is one of the oldest and most reliable companies there is. The security seal manufacturer traces its origins back all the way to the 1870s when toy maker E.J. Brooks made the first security seal manufacturer company in America. Since then the company has emerged as the top manufacturer of security seals.

«Tenemos los precintos de seguridad! (We have the best security seals!)» said a representative of the Spain branch.

Last year, the team reopened a regional office in Barcelona, Spain. The headquarters of the old office was known as Brooks Todo. 15 years later they are back as TydenBrooks EMEA.

TydenBrooks works with some of the biggest names in Europe such as Ryanair, Wizz, EasyJet, and AstraZeneca. The business is steadily growing throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

TydenBrooks has seals for just about every industry, from aviation seals to postal seals to retail seals, TydenBrooks has it all! They have metal seals, plastic seals, and high-security seals to accommodate for every kind of scenario.

«Here at TydenBrooks, we value the security of your items more than anything, and that is why we have prepared for any scenario imaginable,» said the CEO of TydenBrooks.

Right now, TydenBrooks has some great sales going on. You can take 30% off reusable security bags. You can also take advantage of up to 13% off cable seals.

TydenBrooks understands that something as important as security should not break the bank, which is why they make sure to offer their products at the lowest cost possible.

You can even request samples of the products to get an idea of what you are buying. You are under no obligation to buy the products you request samples for.

TydenBrooks works with big names such as Walmart and the United Parcel Service (UPS).

For more information, you can check out the TydenBrooks website. On the company site, you can find a full catalogue of products along with descriptions of the items.

The company has even written some brief articles to help you brush up on all things security-related. These articles are easy to read and informative.

TydenBrooks is present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

What are you waiting for? Protect your items with one of the most reliable security seal manufacturers in the world!

About TydenBrooks Europe Ltd: TydenBrooks is a leading manufacturer of security seals, tapes, labels and other security devices. With over 350 years combined experience in the industry, TydenBrooks has consistently exhibited market leadership through innovation, research, quality design and manufacturing on a global basis. The new entity of TydenBrooks is committed to producing competitively priced high-quality products with a strong commitment to customer service and support. With roots going back to the 1870s when our founder E.J. Brooks transitioned from being a lead toy maker in New York City to the first security seal manufacturer in America, we have been committed to producing competitively priced, high quality, customizable security seals with the shortest lead times and an unwavering commitment to customer service.

Contact Information:

E J Brooks Europe Ltd ata TydenBrooks Europe Ltd
18 Stirling Park, Laker Road Rochester, Kent, ME1 3QR

01634 393 570 

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