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The Guard Lock – A metal strip seal for sealing of trailers, wagons, and rail cars


Innovation has been a core value of TydenBrooks ever since we began as E.J. Brooks Company back in 1873. The very first major innovation was made by E.J. Brooks himself when he decided to shift from lead toy production to producing lead and wire security seals. Since that decision over 146 years ago, TydenBrooks has grown from a small family-run business to the global leaders of security seals and tamper evident products.

Today Innovation continues to be a core value to our business. Our quality control and research and development team work continuously around the clock to improve our product range. We wanted to make you aware of a product improvement to our Guard Lock metal seal. The improvement to the Guard Lock has increased the user-friendliness and increased tamper evidence of the seal.

Our engineers have introduced a two-click locking feature that indicates to the user they have correctly locked the seal. Each click makes a positive ‘click sound’ that can be heard once the seal strap is inserted completely into the seal body. The first click (Figure 1) indicates the seal has been properly engaged.

Fig 1

The innovation comes in when the user ‘pulls’ back on the strap until the second ‘clicking’ sound is heard. The second click tells the user the seal has been properly locked (Figure 2) and prevents picking or compromising of the seal. Any attempt to tamper with the seal will scratch the surface of the seal indicating the seal has been tampered with.

Fig 2

Guard Lock Installation Instructions - August 2021 2

The Guard lock is an economical flat-type metal strip security seal. It has been tested and approved by leading shippers and transport services all around the UK, Europe, The Middle East, and Africa. With all metal parts made of sheet metal and having a fixed length of closure. This ensures a high sealing safety at tensions and flexing resistance. The Guard lock represents the ideal solution for sealing curtain-sided trailers that use TIR / ‘tilt’ cords.

The Guard Lock is an economical flat metal truck seal and is available from our regional warehouses for a quick despatch. For more information on the Guard Lock or to order some metal truck seals, please visit

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