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Tamper Evident Security Seals for Extreme Environments


Durable Metal Seals for Offshore Oil Platforms

TydenBrooks understands the importance of the oil & gas industry is to the consumer industries and the business world. We all need power to live our lives and this sector works tirelessly to deliver the daily energy consumptions.

From minute-long adjustments of our grid demand, to decade-long investments and strategies, this industry requires the highest performing security systems to produce, handle and transport the oil and gas products all over the world.

The high volume of dangerous goods processed in this industry requires commodities like security seals are of the highest quality to operate in extreme environments. This is where TydenBrooks security products can bring the safety and reliance needed in this high-value sector.

Heavy Duty Metal Security Seals

Ever since our ancestors invented and developed the first security seals, we have diversified our security seal range. Each of our seals has been designed, prototyped, and tested extensively to international security seal standards like ISMA and ISO before being granted the permission to manufacture and supply.

That is why for the global oil and gas industries our Flexsecure Cable Seal range are our recommended metal seals. The Flexsecure 3.5mm & 5mm are ISO 17712:2013 “H” Certified, C-TPAT Compliant, REACH regulations, and are official customs seals. It is the intensive testing that the cable seals have been put through. It is not necessarily down to the security features this product offers but, the credibility attained from testing is an indication of the high-quality standards we have in our manufacturing plants.

The Flexsecure cable seal design can withstand the corrosive nature of the ocean salt-water or the stormy desert winds, the strong winds that create high waves splashing against the large vessels and platforms. For example, the 3.5mm FS35 cable seal – sealing pumps & oil well valves on an offshore platform. It is important that the salt does not corrode the cable and the lock as well as that markings stay visible even when partially covered by the sea salts. The materials and embossing used to produce each Flexsecure is also resistant to the highly corrosive nature of the fuels themselves.

For other application uses, there are plastic seals like the SecurePull and SecureGrips used to seal drums, barrels, IBCs, and fuel tanker valves that must retain all their strength, colour, markings, and security features like these:

We also have a range of tamper evident security labels made with high quality materials to remain effective and operational in the extreme temperature ranges from -48 degrees of the Atlantic and North Sea up to 55 degrees in the Middle East. Each security label is multi-layered to show clear signs of tampering. The label will void peeled and will not leave a mark on the application surface. All our security label range can be fully customised to any shape, size, or colour. The serial numbering can be formatted to suit, and we can print barcodes & QR codes onto the labels for an efficient asset management solution.

If you would like to learn more about how we have diversified our product range to meet the high intense requirements, please contact TydenBrooks.

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