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For over 100 years, TydenBrooks has supplied customers in the Road Freight & Logistics industry with security seals. TydenBrooks security seals are available in a variety of types including adjustable length cable seals, container bolt seals, fixed length, and pull-up plastic seals and many more. Traditionally our security seals are used to secure the back doors of an articulated vehicle and known as trailer door security seals.

Our most popular seals we to offer are the Plastic Truck Seal, the Polycheck, Tyden Ball Seal and Guard Lock. For high security applications we also have the EZ Lock cable seals, Flexsecure Cable seals and our world famous Intermodal II bolt seal.

Fixed Length plastic seals

The Polycheck and Plastic Truck Seal are high-quality one-piece trailer door seals. Once secured to the vehicle they form a ring or loop. The PolyCheck is one of the original Tydenbrooks Security seals and has been used by transport and logistics companies all over the world for the last 50 years. It has offered an alternative to «cutting» each seal, with an integral break point for easy, authorised removal.

The Plastic Truck Seal is the most secure and reliable way to secure your trailer doors and transportation equipment. Because of its patented design, the Plastic Truck Seal is also the easiest to use and the strongest plastic trailer seal available. Both fixed-length seals are manufactured in the UK.

Metal Strip Seals

For increased security we have 2 metal strip fixed length seals, the original Tyden Ball Seal, and the Guard Lock. The Guard Lock is an economical flat metal truck seal with rolled edges for ease of handling, made in tin-plated steel. The Tyden Ball Seal is the original cargo seal first patented back in 1913. For over 100 years the Ball Seal has offered the freight and cargo logistics industries a strong and efficient tamper evident security seal.

Our Plastic Fixed Length seals are used widely in the Transport & Logistics Industries for sealing Curtain Sided Vehicles, Trailer Doors and Tanker Valves transporting Bulk Food & Liquids.

Premium Plastic Pull-tight Seals

Our plastic pull-tight seals add another level of security with metal inserts, increased pull-strengths, bespoke security solutions with additional features and overall improved tamper evidence. These include the Secure Tite, Secure Grip and Secure Pull. All of these are manufactured in the UK and are our premium plastic security seal range.

These plastic seals are easy to apply with thin strap versions suitable for small apertures & eyelets. certain products are also available with a “Tear Off” option allowing the seal to be removed without the need for cutting tools.

We have seals with a smooth tail making them user friendly for operators who are having to apply a high number of seals, others that have a large flag, perfect for applications requiring more information, company logos, bar codes or QR codes.

Our complete range of Fixed Length and Pull Tight plastic and metal security seals provides you with an ideal sealing and identification solution for all Road Freight & Logistics applications. Our products are available with a sequential serial number as standard.

High Security Cable Seals

For high security applications such as transporting high value cargo, TydenBrooks recommends using a cable seal or bolt seal. The EZ Loc and FlexSecure cable seal ranges are perfect for securing high security items in transit. The EZ Loc is one of the original TydenBrooks security seals that was formed from the TydenBrooks Car Seal which was first invented in 1911.

The EZ Loc 3.2mm cable seal is classified as an ISO17712:2013 ‘H’ Security seal and compliant to C-TPAT regulations. The Ez Loc cable is made of aircraft steel which is the best quality steel in the market. The EZ Loc is available in smaller cable diameters 2.5mm and 1.5mm. There is also a modified version of the EZ Loc that is coated in ABS high impact plastic for higher security and additional marking options and colours.

The Flexsecure cable seal range is a traditional cable seal offering 5mm, 3.5mm and 1.5mm cable diameters. The Flexsecure’s are designed for use on offshore platforms in the oil and gas industry due to its anti-corrosion aluminium body. The FlexSecure 5mm and 3.5mm are ISO 17712:2013 High Security ‘H’ classified and is C-TPAT and PIP compliant. The non-preform cable frays wildly when cut. The patent pending locking mechanism inside the anodized aluminium housing makes sure your goods are kept safe in transit.

High Security Bolt Seals

If you’re looking for a bolt seal to secure your freight lines, we recommend using our Intermodal II bolt seal. This is our best-selling bolt seal and widely used by some of the largest logistics in the world. The Intermodal II boasts ISO 17712:2013 Clause 5 and 6 certification and is accepted by worlds leading customs authorities. It has a pull-strength of over 1 tonne and is sequentially numbered on the steel shaft as well as the locking body.

Our complete range of security seals for road freight and logistics businesses can be customised to requirements as we an internal design team for custom printing that enables our existing and new customers to have their seals printed with their Company Name, Logo or Barcodes.

If you need security seals urgently, or a pending contractual change, please contact TydenBrooks. Our vast knowledge and decades of experience in the logistics industry means not only are you getting a high-quality security solution from TydenBrooks but, you will receive a dedicated security consultant who will work with you to ensure you receive an efficient closed-loop solution, increased levels of asset protection and multi layered security, unrivalled in the ever increasing demand of the freight and logistics industry.

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