Security Seal Solutions for Airlines

New  Airline Reusable Security Padlock The Hawk Seal

New, Improved Hawk Seal

Our New Reusable Hawk Seal is a two piece padlock style locking system with a reusable padlock body and disposable seals that is ideal for catering trolleys and atlas boxes.

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Bespoke TydenAir Solutions

The Next Generation of security sealing solutions for the Airlines industry.

Hawk Seal
The Hawk Seal

The new Reusable Hawk Seal is the ultimate security seal that has been specifically designed for In-flight Aircraft Carts and Trolleys.

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Swan Seal
The Swan Seal

The new, innovative Swan Seal Padlock Seal is a cost effective, tamper evident, new generation padlock seal that has been specifically designed for In-flight Aircraft Carts and Trolleys.

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Cable Seal for Catering Trolley
Airline Cable Lock

Cable Lock for Airline Carts and Catering Trolleys.

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Non Transfer Security Labels
Non-Residue Security Labels

Security Labels show visual evidence of tampering or illegal entrance on aircraft, catering carts, vehicles, doors, sensitive equipment, lockers, containers, restricted areas, etc.

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The Allseal Adjustable plastic seal
AllSeal Adjustable Seal

An Adjustable Plastic security seal suitable for securing In-flight Service Equipment

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In-flight Thermal Security Bag
In-flight Thermal Catering Bag

Tamper-Evident In-flight Thermal Bags for in-flight catering uses.

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Secure-Pull 2.0 Adjustable Seal
Secure-Pull Plastic Seal

The Secur-Pull is an adjustable length plastic strap seal for use on a variety of applications, particularly those with a small aperture.

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Reusable TydenPaks
Re-usable Secure TydenPaks

The TydenPak has the leading-edge in the closed-looped movement of items. The TydenPak is a re-usable security bag designed to replace single use bags or security envelopes.

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Polycheck Truck Seal
Polycheck Truck Seal

The Poly-Check is an economical, fixed length plastic seal that is well established in the logistics world for the sealing of trailers.

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