Security Seals for Protecting The NHS Supply Chain

Bespoke solutions for The NHS

With our NHS workers fighting on the frontline against the COVID-19 pandemic. TydenBrooks is dedicated in ensuring that the principles and duties of helping to safeguard the supply chains going into the hospitals and medical centres. Providing a full range of security solutions to our doctors, nurses, patients and support workers is at the heart of what we do. Below is a selection of tamper evident security seal solutions that are in stock and available to the National Health Service.

Introducing our tamper evident security bags for securing the NHS. Each of these bags is fitted with our new TydenClip Locking Chamber and TydenClip Security Seal to protect the contents of the bag from tampering. The pharmacy bags have been designed for carrying drugs and medicines from the hospital pharmacy to the various wards and departments in the hospitals.


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