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Intermodal II – The Original Bolt Seal

1970s decade of the bolt seal

The 1970’s were an important decade for the history of the security seal industry. This is the year that E. J. Brooks Ltd (ta TydenBrooks) Launched the Intermodal Bolt Seal. The intermodal was a new and improved model to the original Intermodal which was made completely from metallic materials.

The Intermodal offered E.J. Brooks’ customers, additional security features and kept E. J. Brooks ahead of the competition and becoming one of our best-selling products for the next 50 years.

The Continuous improvements to the Intermodal have provided benefits like:

  • Bolt Head and locking body specifications have been engineered to meet ISO 17712:2013 requirements. Including clause 6 for tamper evidence.
  • Locking body coated in High Impact ABS plastic to protect the lock from direct attacks and for added protection of the serial number markings.
  • Laser marking the serial number prevents it from being scratched/rubbed off the surface.
  • Double serial numbering on the body and shaft of the seal provides C-TPAT compliance.
  • The pull strength of the bolt seal is 2,138kgs which also means it is has a Group 1 classification for HMRC UK customs and many other global customs authorities.

It is through our high standards in manufacturing to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17712:2013, C-TPAT standards that provide the security seal industry with a benchmark to high quality manufacturing. As a founder member of ISMA – the International Security Seal Manufacturers Association, TydenBrooks maintains these standards to the point where customers always know what they are buying.

The impact the Intermodal bolt seal has had on the industry is still visible today. This bolt seal has proved to be a world class product. There are so many copies of the intermodal being made from different companies around the world and promoting their versions based on price. However, price is rarely the most important thing. A cheap product might sell and appeal to some customers. They might even feel great knowing they have saved money for their employer’s on buying a cheaper equivalent. But when they start using the product that great feeling quickly disappears.

The Intermodal is the original bolt seal and will always be the best. When customers buy a TydenBrooks product they are getting a security seal that has proved over the years to be world class and very reliable for securing cargo.TydenBrooks continue to Lead the way, Securing the world.

If you would like some free of charge samples for the Intermodal bolt seal, please contact your local subsidiary or email

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