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How To: Minimise Human Errors on Shipping Documents with Laser Tagging

Driver shipment documents are often completed incorrectly, leading to incorrect or delayed deliveries.

Human errors are a fact of life, but in the shipping business, mistakes can be very costly. These errors can be minimized using TydenBrooks’s unique Serial Number Transfer System. Also known as Laser Tagging, this technology etches a unique identification number onto the surface of the cargo seal’s body. And the removable label simultaneously. The label is removed and placed on the shipping documents, ensuring accuracy, security, and vastly reducing administrative errors.

Laser Tagging can eliminate:

• Transposition of numbers,
• Inaccurate number recording on shipping documents,
• Internal fraud,
• Shipping document deception,
• Seal number tampering,
• Shipment holdups or returns.

Engineered by the world’s leading suppliers of cargo seal products. The patented process greatly reduces tracking errors and tampering in the logistics channel.

Why Use Laser Tag?

A cargo seal’s unique identification number is typically written on the shipment’s bill of lading. This allows the consignee to verify the seal number against the shipping documents, to ensure that no cargo tampering took place during the shipment. TydenBrooks’ Laser Tag technology utilizes a high precision laser to etch the unique serial number onto the seal body and the transfer label at the same time. The specially formulated, re-positional adhesive label, peels off the seal for application to shipping documents. The label shows up clearly on documents and photocopies. The identical serial numbers on the seals and shipping documents ensure accuracy and security.

Eliminates Errors, Reduces Tampering Logistics

Problems occur when the seal number on the shipping document doesn’t match the markings on the cargo seal. Where the integrity of the seal and the cargo is intact. Human error, such as transposition of numbers, often causes discrepancies in shipping documentation. Errors of this nature may not be frequent. But can be very costly should the shipment be delayed or returned because of suspicions of cargo tampering. Utilization of the Laser Tag serial number transfer system eliminates these errors.
Some of customers estimate that the system could save it more than £40,000 by vastly reducing human errors, cargo seal substitution and shipping document tampering.

Laser Tagging Technology Unique To Industry

TydenBrooks has been producing cargo seals for over 100 years. Already providing laser-engraved cargo seal identification to its customers for more than 10 years, the company began development of the Laser Tag technology in 2004. It has been used on TydenBrooks’ E-Z Loc Cable Seal® and the Alum-A-Loc Cable Seal™ by our North American customers, to facilitate shipment traceability.

TydenBrook’s FlexSecure Cable Seals

The FlexSecure FS 35 and FS 15 versatile cable seal, fits many applications and is popular for sealing bulk railcars and intermodal shipping containers and trailers. The non-preformed cable frays wildly when cut, to prevent reuse, and is a clear indication of seal tampering. The wire cable is made from aircraft steel and is galvanized for corrosion protection.

Additionally, the FlexSecure FS50 Cable Seal makes use of a patent pending locking mechanism inside the anodized aluminium locking body, to ensure goods always stay safe in transit.  Along with the FlexSecure FS 50, TydenBrooks offers two other FlexSecure cable security seals:

FlexSecure FS 35 Cable Seal – This versatile cable seal fits many applications and is popular for sealing bulk railcars and intermodal containers and trailers. The FS35 Cable Seal also achieves “H” High Security classification as per ISO 17712:2013 testing standard and is C-TPAT and PIP compliant, making this wire security seal ideal for cross border road logistics.

FlexSecure FS 15 1.5mm Cable Seal – This cable seal is regularly used in bulk food and chemical shipments. Transportation by the road and  recommended for national transportation up and down the UK and EU countries.

The Laser Tagging system is unique to the cargo industry and available exclusively from TydenBrooks. Contact TydenBrooks to see how Laser Tag can help you enhance accuracy and security for your shipments!

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