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How FlexSecure Cable Seals Help to Keep cargo In Transit Safe

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Container Seals for Freight & Logistics

Since the lockdown restrictions started in 2020, TydenBrooks has dedicated a lot of resources to our customers. To ensure their well-being was and still is, at the heart of every strategic decision we make on production of high security seals, deliveries, or offering the right products.

An important part of the British and European economy, freight and logistics carriers must periodically assess their degree of vulnerability to risk. Whether it is exporting goods across the UK and EU border or transporting cargo via large ocean vessels. Each company must find innovative solutions for strengthening or adjusting their layers of security to prevent breaches and internal conspiracies.

Each company must also conduct a comprehensive assessment of their security practices based upon the C-TPAT and ISO 17712:2013 minimum-security criteria. When it comes to choosing the right security solution, TydenBrooks has decades of experience. Recognizing that logistics carriers do not control their shippers and have a common carrier obligation to transport goods tendered to them, we have developed a range of cable seals specifically designed for sealing intermodal containers, trailers, and bulk railcars.

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The sealing of logistics vehicles, along with continuous seal integrity are crucial elements of a secure supply chain and remain a critical aspect of all carrier’s commitments to ISO 17712 and C-TPAT. Exporters acknowledge that a high security seal should be applied to all loaded intermodal containers bound for the U.S. Freight carriers crossing the U.K. borders must also fully comply with HMRC Customs and EU Customs sealing verification rules.

For containers carrying high value goods in several different environments, TydenBrooks has developed the FlexSecure FS 50 and FS 35 Cable Seal under the ISO 17712:2010 testing standard and has assured that it is C-TPAT and PIP compliant.


TydenBrooks’s Flexsecure Cable Seals

The FlexSecure FS 50 and FS 35 versatile cable seal, fits many applications and is popular for sealing bulk railcars and intermodal shipping containers and trailers. The non-preformed cable frays wildly when cut, to prevent reuse, and is a clear indication of seal tampering. The wire cable is made from aircraft steel and is galvanized for corrosion protection.

Additionally, the FlexSecure FS50 Cable Seal makes use of a patent pending locking mechanism inside the anodized aluminium locking body, to ensure goods always stay safe in transit. Along with the FlexSecure FS 50, TydenBrooks offers two other FlexSecure cable security seals:

FS35 Flexsecure 3.5mm cable seal

FlexSecure FS 35 Cable Seal – This versatile cable seal fits many applications and is popular for sealing bulk railcars and intermodal containers and trailers.

The FS35 Cable Seal also achieves “H” High Security classification as per ISO 17712:2013 testing standard and is C-TPAT and PIP compliant, making this wire security seal ideal for cross border road logistics.


FlexSecure FS 15 Cable Seal – This cable seal is regularly used in bulk food and chemical shipments by the road and is recommended for national transportation up and down the UK and EU countries.

Our new FlexSecure cable seals join our established EZ Loc cable seal product line to offer customers a wide range of ISO 17712:2013 Indicative, Security, and High Security cable seals.

The Importance of High-Quality Security Seals

When it comes to security seals, service is as important as quality, so consumers need to choose products from a reliable company that offers outstanding services to its customers. Whenever a businessperson needs to secure food products or chemicals that are shipped across the country in containers, they can count on TydenBrooks’ cable seals to help protect the business and its loyal consumers.

For further information about our Cable Security Seals and TydenBrook’s technology, contact our Sales Team on 01634 393 570 or visit

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