Hawkseal airline catering cart seal
Airline Catering Cart Security Seal

The Hawk Seal - Re-Usable Padlock

The Hawk Lock and Hawk Seal is our new revolutionary re-usable, two-piece padlock style, locking system. With a re-usable padlock body and disposable seals that is ideal for airline catering trolleys and atlas catering boxes.

Padlock GF Nylon and Stainless Steel Hasp
Hawk Seal ABS
Tensile Strength 59.8kgf
Manufactured UK
Colour Options White, yellow, black, blue, green, orange, red and pink.
Product Guarantee 2,000 trips, up to 10 years of service.

The Hawk Seal is specifically designed for In-flight Catering Operations in the Airlines Industry. The HawkLock and HawkSeal is 4 piece seal that provides more than a 8 key security features.

Hawk Seal Benefits

  • When traditional Pull-up seals are secured, they are always under tension at the tear-line point. This is due to the carts movements around the bonds, loading on to the catering vehicles, getting bashed against each other from the bond to the aircraft and back again.
  • Tear lines on pull-up seals can also get caught between carts and break the seal open, resulting in the entire catering bar removed from the route.
  • The Hawk Seal is made of a slim design, to fit flush against the cart to lower the risks of damaging the seal. Its high break strength means it can withstand natural forces pushing against it.
  • Before the aircraft has taken off, if the seal is weakened, it will be easier to open. If the seal is opened, it can be resealed without you knowing.
  • Easy-to-use: Generally cabin crew would use a pen to prize open a traditional pull-up seal to open cart. The Hawk Seal’s ergonomically friendly design allows cabin crew to open the seal with just one finger.
  • Once the Hawk Seal is broken it cannot be resealed or re-used.

The Hawk Lock

The body of the padlock is made from GF Nylon Material.

Heavy Duty Padlock

Slim body design to fit flush against the cart, to prevent the seal from getting caught between carts and break open.

Unique 2 Colour Mould

The body infill of the Lock is available in all colours to suit your requirements.

Branded For You

The rear of the Hawk Seal offers space for embossing your airline colour & branding.

Metal Hasp

Strong metal hasp made from stainless steel designed to withstand everyday wear and abrasion.

Inspection Hole

The front of Hawk Lock has been made with a ‘cut out’ to make it clearly visible when seal is locked in place.

Two-piece Construction

Grooves in the locking body, mean only the Hawk Seal can be used to secure the cart.


Hawk Seal - Tamper Evident Seal Insert for Hawk Lock

The Hawk Seal is the second part to the our new re-usable, padlock style, locking system. The disposable seals use less plastic than a traditional plastic pull-up seal that is an important step towards saving our planet.


Totally Unique

Made in several colours to match the operational procedures within the airline and airport.


Tamper Evident

The Hawk Seal is highly tamper evident that shows clear signs of unauthorised access.


Laser Markings

Hawk Seal offers adequate space for barcodes, company logo and sequential serial numbering



The ergonomically friendly design allows cabin crew to open the seal with one finger.

Traditional airline padlocks are 1-piece locking mechanisms, can be penetrated and resealed without showing signs of tampering. If the seal is tampered with it will break, leaving a clear indication of an attack on that cart.


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