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Motorsport is the one of the fastest growing industries in the UK with a market value of £9bn, compared to £4.6bn back in 2000. The sport is changing at an incredibly fast pace with new technology pushing racing cars and bikes to new levels. There are so many motorsport companies operating out of the UK, boasting precision engineering and technological skills for motorsport. This has attracted other industries from defence to mainstream automotive companies that have allowed the motorsport to thrive.

The Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) is the world’s governing body for the motorsport industry. One of the FIA’s key objectives is to encourage and implement the adoption of common regulations for all forms of motor sports and series across the world. Regulations provide a level playing field for racing teams, drivers, and spectators to maintain a high level of excitement throughout motorsport events.

What Does TydenBrooks Have To Do With FIA Regulations?

Part of the Motor Sport Council UK’s technical engine regulations requires an engine to be sealed with a cable seal to prevent the engine from being tampered with before a race. Failure to comply with the regulations can result in forfeiting your place in the race, a revoked racing license or event prosecution.

Securing The Ginetta Championships

There are many domestic competitions in the UK like the Ginetta Junior Championship, which is governed by the Motor Sports Council UK, who regulate this competition based on the FIA guidelines. engine security seals for motorsport uk

Before each race of the Ginetta Junior Championship, an inspection of the vehicle is conducted by the designated Clerk of the course. Part of the inspection involves checking the engine to make sure it is sealed. In this competition, 3 security seals are needed to secure the engine. Sealing the engine prevents it from being modified which if found to be modified can be classed as non-compliant to the regulations. If a security seal is missing from the engine this can be classified as a non-compliant engine and can be pulled from the race.

Using our FS15 cable seal or 1mm Quick Loc is the ideal security seal to use due to its small body and tamper evidence. Once the cable cut, it splays and cannot be reused which is a clear indication tampering. Each cable seal is laser marked with a unique sequential number which is recorded in the security seal log.

Each team has a security seal log to record the sealing of the engines through a season. The seal log produces a log of when the security seals have been removed or broken before inspections. If there is no seal history in the seal log for the team, this can also be classified as being non-compliant.

There have been situations where racing teams have been removed from races and have gone through strenuous appeal processes to allow them to race and restore their positions in the competition.

Table 1 – Example of our Security Seal Register

Racing Team Name Here: Team Tyden
Name of Race Date of Race Seal Number 1 Seal Number 2 Seal Number 3 Sealed By: Date Sealed Opened By: Date Opened
Gisetta 19/07/20 000001 000002 000003 Signature 18/07/20 N.Mansell 19/07/20

To prevent this from happening to you, we recommend you download a free copy of our security seal log. Start filling it out with all the required details including the sequential numbering and the dates of breaking and applying. Include a signature from the person applying the seals to give your team complete seal history that is compliant with the motor racing regulations for the Ginetta Championships.

Combine with using our cable seals that will provide you with peace of mind solution. The FS15 can be marked with a barcode or QR code as well as sequential serial numbering and company name. We have standard colours and custom colours available to suit your requirements. The FS15 cable seal standard length is 30cms however we can make these with longer lengths if needed.

TydenBrooks has over 100 years industry and innovative experience in manufacturing security seals. We also have a highly skilled team with decades of industry knowledge and experience. We will work with you to identify any potential loopholes in your closed-loop processes.

If you need security seals urgently, or a pending contractual change, please contact TydenBrooks. Our vast knowledge and decades of experience in the motorsport industry means not only are you getting a high-quality security solution from TydenBrooks but, you will receive a dedicated security consultant who will work with you to ensure you receive an efficient closed-loop solution, increased levels of asset protection and multi layered security, unrivalled in the fast lane of the motorsport industry.

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