Definition and footprint of what global manufacturing looks like at TydenBrooks and the security seal industry

[title title=»Definition and footprint of what global manufacturing looks like at TydenBrooks and the security seal industry» color=»#1e73be»]

A Global Manufacturer is a company that manufactures components, sub-assemblies, assemblies, and finished products by leveraging raw material, manufacturing capabilities, cost, and an efficient supply chain that spans across the world.

TydenBrooks defines global manufacturing with strategically placed ISO 9001, 14001 certified production facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia. Producing quality products to industries including logistics and supply chain has led TydenBrooks to a successful 150-year history. TydenBrooks is a manufacturer that companies trust from all around the world.

[title title=»TydenBrooks Owned Manufacturing»]

What makes TydenBrooks a true global manufacturer are our production facilities around the world are solely owned by TydenBrooks. Each production cell and laser machine are exclusive property of TydenBrooks. Not all other security seal manufacturers are in the same unique position. Some outsource production to third party agencies, which generally can lead to delays with increased lead times with product secrets revealed, which can lead to copies of security seals within the market.

With TydenBrooks we have the free ability to alter production in any situation without causing delays, with patents on all global manufacturing.

[title title=»Automated Production Lines in EMEA»]

In all our manufacturing plants we have automated production lines for our security seal range. After increasing our manufacturing capabilities at our UK production site, we are now manufacturing over 75 million security seals throughout the pandemic.

The warehouse system has also been upgraded to maintain a fully stocked warehouse of standard and custom products. This is to ensure we can supply new customers with security emergencies as well as our global customer demands.

Our automated production lines meant we were able to continue to make security seals, while maintaining social distancing procedures throughout the lock down. We anticipate that as restrictions are lifted, demand for our products will continue to increase, as restrictions are lifted within the retail sectors as well as borders now opening within the EU.

Additional Production Capability for Iberia

Anticipating the increase in demand, we recently deployed a regional production site in Barcelona to service new and existing customers in Iberia in a more efficient manner. Our Iberian site can provide small to large volume standard and custom-made products to local businesses with very short lead times.

Global Supply Chain

The additional production capability and manufacturing capacity in EMEA provides further support to our global supply chain of security seals. It means our top 25 global accounts can be sourced from our multiple locations. If one of our sites has an issue with production, such as a mechanical/technical issue. We can still source the parts so that a customer never goes without seals.

If you are thinking of choosing TydenBrooks to be your new security seal supplier, we can fulfil your requirements no matter how large the volume is we have the capabilities to supply you too! Contact your nearest TydenBrooks subsidiary today for a full consultation today and find out how we can be your first-choice supplier of tamper evident security seals.

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