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4 Reasons Why The TydenPak System is the best solution for Home Exams

TydenPak document security mailing pouches – the perfect solution for students taking sitting exams at home

TydenPak document security mailing pouches – the perfect solution for students taking sitting exams at home

COVID-19 cases are on rise again, with school children being the most effected. For secondary school pupils this is an important time of year in their academic career. Years 10 & 11 students all around the United Kingdom, are preparing for their GCSE exams this summer. Many schools are trying to plan and prepare for worse case scenarios, as some children will miss important learning in a classroom environment.

4 reasons why the TydenPak system is the best solution for home examinations

Our TydenPak document security mailing pouches offer a hybrid solution for secondary school pupils having to sit their examinations from home. Our TydenPak’s can even secure IT hardware that schools have issued to children from low-income households. Whether this is a desktop PC, a laptop, or a tablet, our TydenPak’s can safely secure the equipment when it is needed to be returned to the school.

A properly implemented and carefully maintained TydenPak security system can offer companies several important benefits:

Environmentally Friendly

One trip security bags and cardboard boxes are discarded after just one use. The TydenPak system can be re-used time and time again.

Implementing the TydenPak solution can save you money on reduced waste management costs, reduced material costs and a reduced carbon footprint. Each bag has a 5,000-trip guarantee, the equivalent to up 10 years.

Track & Trace Inventory Management

Enables Tracking & Tracing – Information collected from the TydenClip & TydenPak enables a full audit trail to be constructed. (Barcoding, sequential number, QR Code)

You can assign the preconstructed barcode to each bag to keep a record of which TydenPak’s have been checked-in or checked-out.

Protects Contents

Manufactured to last, using a durable material, ensuring maximum protection for the contents during storage or in transit. The material of the bags is made of heavy-duty PVC materials, making them able to withstand direct attacks on the bags. The zipper is internally stitched which prevents picking open of the zip. The zipper itself is encapsulated by the TydenChamber and the TydenClip adding further protection to the valuable items inside the bag.

The window for entering delivery cards is fitted on the internals of the bag, this keeps the cards clean and protected against the weather elements

Deter Theft & Fraud

The TydenBrooks 8 Chamber features tamper-evident breakout points, which means any effort to tamper with the chamber will result in clear evidence that can be easily seen and recognized as theft or tampered unauthorised entry.

All TydenPaks are fitted with our Tyden 8 Chamber to house our TydenClip. The TydenClips are supplied in either a numbered, logos or barcoded form. Selection is dependent upon the level of security required. As standard, the TydenClip comes with a 7-digit sequential number which can provide an audit trail if the number is recorded and tracked. Barcoding is made to order and has a minimum order quantity. Barcoding provides you with an automated high security track and trace system.

Reusable document bags are perfect for securing examination papers and IT hardware that need to be returned to school. They are made from a durable, tear-resistant material that can be reused repeatedly. They are also fitted with a tamper-proof seal that ensures that the contents remain secure. Our TydenPak’s are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs and can even be customised with your school logo. Contact us today to find out more about our document security solutions.

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